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Getting your team on the same page shouldn’t take tons of different tools. Truth is, clunky project management apps aren't just annoying—they slow down your team’s productivity. If only there was a simple task management platform that worked on any device and let you do it all, from organizing tasks and managing workflows to collaborating with your team lets you create unlimited boards and customize them to capture your workflows, making it super easy to manage a team, project, and client from one place. This includes kanban boards, calendar views, and table views. You can create a custom view to get a bird’s-eye view of all your team’s work. Choose from pre-made templates with progress steps and starter tasks for newsletter pipelines, marketing campaigns, or creative plans. Then, you can create detailed tasks with short descriptions, due dates, checklists, built-in task chat, and clear action items—and assign them to the right colleague in just a few clicks!

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